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1, qualifications: registered by the State administration of  industry and commerce, and operation of automotive products, separate legal business entities, have the qualification of general taxpayer;
2, location: shop site to be built in electric vehicles central  markets, mini car sales centralized Auto Mall, big market ;
3, land: own brand dealer needs in land ownership or right to use the site, and there is enough space;
4, funds: a shop  built  by scale corresponds with the financial strength and have sufficient working capital and certain financing capacities;
5, credit: enterprises are operating well, with a good business reputation, bank credit has no adverse record, no major user complaints;
6, industry experience: Enterprise legal persons or managers have in the automobile industry for more than 2 years sales experience, with advanced management idea;
7, pubilic relation : there are good social relations can resolve user complaints;
8, organization, and personnel: with independence, and thorough organization, management team has a good sense of customer servic, management experience and industry experience.




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