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The concept of warranty claims :

To improve the quality of products, to protect the legitimate rights of consumers, products should be clear in distributors, manufacturers, repair, replacement and return responsibility, product shall implement the principle of "whoever sales who is in charge of three services , product quality problems in the period of warranty service. should be resolved in accordance with the provisions.


The Premise and the provisions of the warranty claim :

Dealer be sure to vehicle information and customer information within the 5th days of vehicles sold to the company, (vehicle information including date of production, date, vehicle number sold. customer information including: customer name, contact information) pave the way later for warranty service.
  1, the company's warranty service is the most basic requirement: fault vehicle details (customer information, vehicle information) in the company's filing is required, if not the failure of a company vehicle details, claims the company will not be able to provide you timely service.
  2, when dealers are  processing warranty, vihical processing,when failure came (such as battery, generator, differential, charger, motor) should be firstly informed Technology Department  (0319-8717120) , technical department will timely solutions based on feedback information. Technical identification of this fault is caused by parts of the Department, technical department will promptly notify the claims section, claims section at the time of receiving notice will promptiny make a correspond solution plan. Without the company's consent who will return to factory fault, or the company will not be able to claim service for you in a timely manner.
  3, when the dealers received notification of failure parts ,the fault information must be filled in, including the following: the chassis number of the vehicle, sale date, date of production, mileage, breakdown description ,above information must be filled out clearly and completely. If not filled out clearly and completely, the company will not be able to claim service for you in a timely manner.


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